Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Caudle Halloween

Mom wants more people to post on this so lets all put pictures up of our Halloween costumes!

Kirk and I were the Snuggie Infomercial people
Austin was a Kiss Hobo
Trinity was a pink witch
Fenix was a Giraffe
and Octavian was a clown

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Octavian turns 1!!

So i already posted this on my blog but mom wanted me to post on here, Maybe it will get everyone else posting on it.

I can not believe a year has come and gone sense my baby was born. I think each kid i have the 1st year goes faster and faster... i just want to freeze time and keep them small and lovable. Octavian is a very active little guy, he was crawling at about 5 months and started walking at about 11 months old. He is a little cruiser now, going all over the place. He is defensibly known in every ward we go to... I will say Cherry Park was used to him but Mt. Scott doesn't quite know what to think of my little ball of energy. In gospel doctrine he is all over the place walking through isle's talking to people, playing in the curtains, hitting the walls and doors and if he is lucky enough can make it to the piano before i catch him. I will just say that after G.D. i am exhausted and i usually end up taking him to the mothers lounge to calm him down and hopefully put him to sleep. I love the little guy so much! He is also really quirky, at night when he is sleepy and in a good mood, he spins around with his hands in the air and jabbering, he then runs into a wall (on purpose) and falls over. He likes to bang his head on any surface and laugh when people say ouch. He is just all over a funny little boy.

Here are some pictures from the birthday

Also my sister-in-law and I took our babies to Picture People for their 1 year old pictures and here they are... so cute!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Humanitarian Project

(This is my first official attempt at Digital Scrapbooking so Lisa and Cinda go easy on the criticism.)

My family sure enjoyed our family service project. It was great to have something fun to do and in the end we didn't bring more "stuff" to our house. Great idea Grandma! We sure missed those of you that couldn't be there.

Hmmmmm I just noticed that I didn't add a journaling box on this. That will have to change!

Version 2 - with a little journaling.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sledding at the sand dunes...

We spent New Years Day sledding at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. You couldn't ask for a better day. It really was warm, almost too warm with our snow pants and all our gear on. We ended up wearing just our sweatshirts with our snow pants. We took alot of hot chocolate, but hardly drank any of it because it was so warm. We found a perfect hill. Not too big and not too small! And no trees! By the time we were getting ready to leave, tons of people started showing up. A family that lives down the road from us came as we were leaving. We had a really good time. Except for Alee. She kept slipping and falling in the snow. She didn't like that very much at all.

Thanks to Stephanie for making our hats. They are really cute. Of course, Alee wouldn't keep hers on. The family we saw commented on how cute our hats were. So, good job!
I didn't post anything about Christmas. We had a wonderful time. Mel's parents spent the night with us Christmas Eve and had Christmas morning with us. That was nice. We were traveling home from my sister's in Pleasant Grove on Christmas Eve, so it made the last minute getting ready stuff kind of hectic. I wish I could have stayed there with my family. We have so much fun together.
Christmas night we had dinner at Mel's parent's house and played a few games. The next day we got together again and stuffed cloth animals for a Humanitarian project. It was a good feeling knowing that we were helping to make a toy for a child who might not ever get another toy. The kids that were big enough helped for a while, but pretty soon all the kids ended up playing in the gym. It was a good way to end the Christmas season by thinking of someone else, other than ourselves. Thanks for organizing it, Marie.